#S8562 Paul Stein

Member #: #S8562

Location: Wisconsin

From July 17 thru July 21 aspiring golfers were introduced to the game at the Poplar Golf Course Youth Summer Camp. Located in beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin, this 18 hole facility hosted youth aged 8 to 14 for a week long immersion in golf.

The camp was led by NRPGI Instructor Paul Stein, club pro. Youth were taught the principles of golf through lecture, demonstration and practice. Throughout the week practical exercises in all aspects of the game provided students the ability to put the new found knowledge into play. On the course, students broke down in small groups and were monitored by Stein and his four assistant coaches. Lessons and coaching continued in the groups on the course emphasizing club selection, shot selection, course management, and etiquette. Morning written tests, taken by the students in their small groups reinforced the previous day’s lessons.

Students were provided two healthy snack breaks during the day as well as a healthy lunch. Students who arrived for the week without golf clubs were provided clubs (which the students could keep) free of charge. Plus, the clubs were individually fitted for each student.

According to Stein, “Youth groups in this age range can be challenging, but the lessons derived by NRPGI teaching kept the youth focused and engaged.”

Upon the conclusion of the 35 hours of instruction and practice students were awarded a certificate naming them as “Golfers.”