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The Full Swing in Slow Motion

This golf player has awesome swings.

Notice just after impact though, how the forward (left) elbow tends to pull back behind the body. This leads to pulled shots and inhibits the downward direction of the clubhead.

The arms should be extended in the direction of the target after impact. Other than that, these are well-executed swings.

Videos provided by:
Christopher Warner
NRPGI Golf Teaching Professional
(713) 398-3456

Drive the Golf Ball Forward

Every effectively-struck ball (from the full swing at the tee down to the approach putt) has one fundamental characteristic–it was DRIVEN forward.By using the word “driven” the implication is that it was not slapped or flicked, which unfortunately is the striking method used by the majority of golfers.By driving the ball forward you will achieve the proper blend of control and power while keeping the club face on the ball along the desired line of flight.

Keep the above points in mind and you will be on your way to achieving consistent, accurate shot-making.